is the pull so strong?

Natalie Dormer’s photoshoot for People Magazine 2014 {x}

"Clara, there are some moments in time that I simply can’t see. Little eye-blinks. They don’t look the same as other things. They’re not clear. They’re fuzzy, they’re grey. Little moments in which big things are decided. And this is one of them.”

"Essentially, what I knew was that you would always make the best choice. I had faith that you would always make the right choice.”




hips don’t lie by oxford university’s all male choir



I am quite happy for these guys to be in charge of things in a couple of years


“and it doesn’t mean you’re a

Does that please you,
Sir? Make you more
comfortable? Make it more
for me to fight?

So long as my sword is
blunted, so long as only my
nails are sharp, so long as I
conduct my contradictions
like bumper cars -
we can laugh about it
afterwards, and
get on.”

My parents used to hide
chopped tomatoes in my meals,
told me they weren’t there,
but take a forkful of your
fairground feminism and tell me
it doesn’t taste
soured by oppression.

If you don’t want to be associated with
that’s fine by me, stick another
token in the slot machine and laugh
as you bump into him - let loose
good-natured battle cries -

but stay out of my car.

We drive through barriers out here, and
I’m not laughing.

For She, k.s. (via kat-sinclair)
Title: Breezeblocks (Acoustic Version)
Artist: alt-J
 297,171 plays


Breezeblocks (Acoustic) / alt-J

Themes in A Song of Ice and Fire


This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

catherine ‘i probably ship frary more than you’ de medici

You are… the only mystery worth solving.

I mean how hard is it to get a couple drinks right, huh?

"That’s not entirely true." He smiles at me. "That girl who let someone throw knives at her to spare a friend, who hit my dad with a belt to protect me-that selfless girl, that’s not you?"…


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